Highwaymen Film

Yeager delves into Ft. Pierce looking for the highwaymen as he documents his earnest desire to paint with the highwaymen. When he discovers Livingston Roberts at his home we see many of the artist gathered together, including a rare scene with a staged but sincere reunion with Jimmy Stovall.

Yeager with Hezekiah Baker and original 1970’s painting on upson board.

Yeager with Albert Black at Tomoka State Prison

Yeager not only discovers where the Highwaymen gather to paint, but captures rare moments with artist Charles Walker, Johnny Daniels, Jimmy Stovall and Livingston all gathered together talking about the old days, Alfred Hair, Al Black, and the lost Freddie paintings.Yeager interviews Alfred Hairs family and many who knew Backus and Alfred personally.

Yeager with Charles Walker and Livingston Roberts at Ft. Pierce

Yeager with Rodney Demps and Charles Walker

There are precious moments where Yeager tries to persuade Rodney Demps to paint again. Yeager discovers Rodney wants a new truck so he purchases paints, brushes, massonite boards and recreates a scene that is reminiscent of Alfred Hair painting his art with a photo of a Cadillac tacked up close by for his inspiration to make money. Yeager returns days later to discover the artist has disappeared and left the state. Yeager returns again and again to the neighborhood trying to make friends, many are skeptical but it is Livingston who senses Billy’s true desire to become an artist and we as an audience watch as Billy brings his guitars, his first paintings, and convinces Livingston to let him paint. Yeager devoted a year to the project driving all the way from Miami to Ft. Pierce 5 days a week.

Rodney Demps

Yeager with Gladys Hair

Yeager discovers Livingston Roberts and creates a 30 year reunion with Livingston Roberts.
In recent years there has been many forged paintings sold on eBay and at many galleries. Because there are over 26 artists and they signed their names scratched with a nail into the paintings that were still wet makes it easy to purchase similar Florida scene paintings and forge the artists names who only knew how to print. In 2001 Billy Yeager became the only person to become one of the group painting alongside artist Livingston Roberts who shows Billy not only how to paint but how to recognize authentic paintings.
Yeager shows intricate detail Livingston Roberts setting up his canvass in the morning where the 2 of them begin to work on a painting together.
Next he finds Rodney Demps living in a empty house confined to seclusion; paranoid, and purchases massonite boards and takes Rodney to the beach to paint for the first time in 25 years. He discovers the lost Highwaymen “ Jimmy Stovall” and brings him to Livingston Roberts backyard both who haven’t seen each other in 25 years, as Livingston states on tape, “there’s a real highwaymen, he was here form the beginning”.


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